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The legend of Budbod Kabog


NOT many Cebuanos know that budbud kabog originated in Catmon, northern Cebu, and

that makers of budbud kabog in other places are relatives of Catmon natives.

Commonly referred to as “kabog” in the municipality is a small-seeded cereal plant known as millet in other countries.

Millet grew wild and in abundance Catmon’s mountains, mostly in Barangay Agsuwao. Residents later cultivated the plant when they realized that its grains could be utilized for food.

Folklore has it that a farmer once discovered millet grass scattered on a cave floor in Barangay Agsuwao. The cave bats (kabog in the native tongue) had the millet as food. Thinking that the grass seeds could not be poison, he cooked them but found his ingenious recipe to be coarse and bland in taste. He then experimented by pounding the millet seeds before cooking, and added sugar, making it delightful to the tongue.

Years after, people started cooking the seeds with sugar and coconut milk, and wrapping it in banana leaves– which is now budbud kabog.

Residents say that the delicacy was first sold at a toll booth in Naghalin Bridge in Catmon, with cockfight aficionados as buyers.

Today, Catmonanons celebrate the Budbud Kabog Festival during the town fiesta every February 10.

Discover something anciently tasty in Catmon, Cebu.

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