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Mount Kapayas


Catmon, Cebu

by Hon. Vicente O. Colonia, SB Member Catmon Fiesta Souvenir Program 2012

Mt. Kapayas, Cambangkaya Catmon Cebu Philippines

Mt. Kapayas, Cambangkaya Catmon Cebu Philippines

A Natural, Cultural, Historical and Ecotourism Landmark in Catmon, Cebu.

Mt Kapayas is one of the established Transit Camp Headquarter of the revolutionary army led by General Arcadio Maxilom Y Molero (November 13, 1862-August 10, 1924) who was a Filipino teacher and part in the history of Cebu and his significance to us Cebuanos known as the first Filipino Governor in Cebu province and on his war leadership engaging incessant fighting against the colonial Spaniards and the guerrilla resistance against the powerful Americans these Katipunero contributions give a major and important historical hero to the Philippine Revolution.

Mt. Kapayas was also the Herbal Medical Camp of the revolutionary army. Different kind of herbal plants are still growing in this area. This is a unique historical venue that remained witness to the resistance and exchanges of gunfire that went off on these hills. A very high place unfamiliar to the enemy and where the terrain and caves was to the advantage of the revolutionary army where Maxilom led them to combats on these ranges as far from Cebu city highland of central Cebu up to these town of Catmon fighting against the much heavy and superior American forces making the General stubborn to surrender even to the powerful enemies. That he continued on with the fight hoping for real freedom even with dwindling resources and support until reaching to the point of warfare suppression of overwhelming vanquish. The muster of his troops was measured by his order “to die on their feet in trenches.,, as they let Maxilom successfully to elude a bolt hole from the occupying forces on that ultimate battle. But later was captured on October 27,1901.

Today Mount Kapayas is a highland flora and fauna rich with wild habitat and sanctuary of several different terrestrial endemic and indigenous species some threatened and endangered. One of Cebu province few hectare of remaining virgin pocket forest, also recognized as the Cebu second highest peak Situated in the mid north more thar 20 kilometers from the hi-way located with-in the three Barangays of Catmon, at particular s:: Campania and Sitio Lumanoy belong to the western side of Brgy. Cambangkava and sitio Kapayas belongs Southeast side of Brgy. Bongyas and sitio Torre belongs to Northeast side of Brgy. Amancion a significantly affluent cultural and historical place and a perfect place for educational eco-tourism, a must see ecological, zoological and botanical garden, it has several caves for trekking with an underground lake and an enjoyable recreational mountain climbing place.

Some Photos can be found here credit to the Suroy Suroy Sugbo Team who took this Photos

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