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Help fight dengue mag 4 S


DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER is an acute infectious disease manifested initially with fever. In the Philippines it is a common and fatal disease that mostly occurs during the rainy season. Dengue is usually transmitted by the mosquito known as Aedes aegypti. To prevent the spread of dengue and its casualties the Department of Health of the Republic of the Philippines formulated some tips on how to fight against the mosquito that transmit dengue.

As a public servant and aim to help fight dengue. I browse the web to find some resources that can be used to help dengue campaign.

If it so happens that one of your family member or any person you have known have some suspected symptoms. Please visit immediately to your nearest health station.

Credit to the original author <a href=>Dengue prevention</a>

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  1. Leah Niña Elsie Vega permalink
    10/22/2012 4:51 PM

    Our team also is helping the community to fight against Dengue. We have our own solution to prevent the said virus. Come and check it out at

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