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Ram Pumps


Water problems is a common problem anywhere however there are places that has abundant water suply but the problem is how to utilize it in the most convenient way. In some areas water suply are below the level of community location and people need to go down the stream to get some water.  In this modern times there are a lot of ways how to handle this situation,  the use of water pump is the most common practice however at this time that energy cost is very high we need some alternative way to deliver sustainable water to every homes in most convenient and cheap way. As I have browse the web looking some solution I stumble different sites offering some solutions and designs. In other country they use the wind power pump that pumps out water without power comsumption and very effective to deliver water in high location, but building wind power pump is not so easy and minimal. Suprisingly I stumble news that Philippines are one of the finalist in BBC World Challenges 2010 I got interested in reading the whole story and luckily I got a very informative ideas on it. The Philippines is represented by AIDFI foundition that design a pump that delivers water without power consumption in a very simple way.

Please visit their website for more info.

Samples of RAM PUMP from AIDFI foundation




Ram Pump

Ram Pump


I think this is the most cheap and simple solution in delivering water to higher areas.


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  1. 01/31/2018 6:58 AM

    Hi ask lang ko ug naa mo rough design sa ram pump, taga bukid ko sa moalboal ug need nako help ninyo to get water up sa amo-ang house and other people

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